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Dr Tom Donnelly has many years’ experience researching and analysing facial aesthetics. For this reason, 41 South Bar now offers some of the most innovative, natural-looking cosmetic surgery Banbury has to offer.

Our services include popular cosmetic treatments such as Botox and fillers, offering our clients a refreshed, rejuvenated and healthy look that accentuates their natural beauty.

Feel beautiful, at any age

Ageing gracefully and facial cosmetic surgery are no longer mutually exclusive, and sometimes subtle changes to one’s appearance can make all the difference to our confidence and happiness.

As we age, our faces can lose some definition, we develop lines where we don’t remember having lines or folds in our skin. Just by a subtle use of product you can have a natural looking younger you.

Subtle changes, massive confidence boost

Dr Tom is not an advocate of exaggerated, over-the-top cosmetic surgery. Instead, he works with you to achieve dramatic, yet natural looking results that enhance your facial features.

Rarely will people comment that you have had noticeable work done, but instead focus on how well you look – lovely! It is not scary and you will have a full consultation beforehand to discuss what you want to achieve from the treatment.

It is easy – just call us on 01295 262008 and see how we can help.


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Dr. Tom Donnelly

Dr Tom Donnelly MSc BDS

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Payment Plans

If money was no object what would you want to change with your smile? Whatever teeth and smile concerns you have, we can help. To make this a reality we can also help by offering payment plans. Please discuss your requirements with Pauline on 01295 262008.

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