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Summer Alcoholic Beverages That Aren’t Too Bad For Your Teeth

Wednesday, May 16th 2018 | by 41 Southbar | Industry News

The clock finally reaches 5:30 PM, May bank holiday is here. You were counting tens of minutes at lunch, singular minutes at 3 PM, and seconds the last 15 minutes, but it’s finally here and the sun’s shining. You’re, understandably, excited to get outside and bask in that sun which invariably entail drinking some alcoholic beverages. Nothing wrong with a few drinks in the sun, however, a lot of them terribly bad for your teeth – teeth you’ve worked incredibly hard to make look good with our services. So, as no one wants all that work to go to waste, here are some drinks that aren’t too bad for your teeth at all!

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Sparkling wine isn’t simply a celebratory drink anymore, it’s one for the every day, too! Considering so, you’re likely to encounter it a fair bit this summer. Generally, the rule with cava is the lighter the colour the better it is for your teeth. Whilst it’s not perfect for them, in comparison to, say, bloody marys, it’s a godsend.

Gin & Tonic

Gin & Tonic, an English classic. There are more and more gin bars popping up in this modern world, so once again, you’ll most probably drink a few gin-orientated tipples over the summer. Luckily, gin’s one of the better ones, though. Low in acidity, it won’t negatively impact the aesthetic or health of your teeth as much as others!

Conversely: Red Wine

Red wine, a dentist’s nightmare. The fact is, it’s delicious; this Banbury dental surgeon often indulges in a glass or two. Which they do say is good for your heart, don’t they? Whilst it may be, it isn’t good for your teeth, it stains. So perhaps turn down the sangria this summer.

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Ale’s been around for thousands of years and is still regularly enjoyed by most around the country. And on first impression, you’d assume ale is bad for your teeth, wouldn’t you? Luckily, as a Banbury dental surgeon, I can inform you that it isn’t! Ale is low in acidity and therefore one of the better ones for your teeth. So refill that flagon, if you will.

Conversely: Malibu and Coke

Whilst this coconut classic may taste refreshing, even more so with the sun out, it’s actually one of the worst drinks you can have with regards to your teeth. We say stray away from Cocobay and all other coconut rum varieties!

Light Beer

Light beer, although a bigger drink in America, is a household classic in England now, too. It is regularly poked fun at due to its low strength and light taste, but it’s great for not getting bloated. It is also one of the better drinks for your teeth! So this May bank holiday if you’re beer drinker why don’t you opt for a light variety or as said earlier an ale.


41 South Bar – Banbury Dental Surgeon

We want you all to have fun on your extra day off, but we really don’t want your teeth to suffer! If they do, come in and see this Banbury dental surgeon for a check-up and we’ll get those teeth clean! If you have any questions, give us a call!




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