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Does flossing really have no health benefits?

Wednesday, August 3rd 2016 | by 41 Southbar | News

You may have seen the headline in The Daily Telegraph today that flossing has no health benefit.

Whilst the headline is naturally attention-grabbing, we thought we’d explore a bit more of the detail behind the claims. Dr Tom Donnelly, Dentist of the Year 2016, gave his views on the headline.

The Health Benefits of Flossing

“It’s wrong to say that flossing has no benefits. There are numerous studies that show that flossing can help to keep your teeth healthy; however, the truth is that flossing is one of a number of techniques that can be used to clean between your teeth. If you have gaps between your teeth, then flossing is less effectual than something like interdental brushes. If you have very small gaps or tightly bunched teeth then flossing is still the best way to clean between teeth. The point is that you should use the most appropriate tool and technique for the job.”

If you’re concerned about a build-up of plaque between your teeth you should speak to your dentist and book a hygienist appointment. Get in touch with the practice to see how we can help, on 01295 262008.




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