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We host a Lunch and Learn event about cross infection control!

Tuesday, November 15th 2016 | by 41 Southbar | Dentists

Dental companies offer to come to the practice to inform us about new products or regulations on a regular basis. We try and organise one or two per month – they are incredibly valuable to help share knowledge amongst our industry. We like to arrange them so that all of our staff are able to attend.

We are all eager to keep up to date with new technology and are always ready to discuss different types of materials that are being developed for the dental industry. It is always interesting to learn new things, or be happy in the knowledge that we are up to date with regulations.

We have great interaction with the dental reps. They are often surprised at the knowledge we all have about their products.

For our most recent Lunch and Learn event, Mike Loftus from Nuview came to give an hour’s lecture to our team. The subject matter presented is a cornerstone to safeguard ourselves and our patients from transmission of disease pathogens.

The subject was covered in great depth as befits such important regulations, but he managed to import some humour to keep the audience engaged. A task made more difficult by the depth of knowledge of his audience. There were no new lessons to be learnt, instead there was a positive reinforcement of our standard policies and protocols.

So a great thanks to Mike for his delivery and thanks to the team for being so aware and being on top of the regulations.

The lecture was illuminating and gratifying.




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