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Orthodontics specifically concerns itself with the straightening of teeth by physiological movements. Dr. John Davey BDS now offers orthodontic procedures to our patients.

John is at the forefront of Orthodontics and is proud to be the only Invisalign® Diamond provider in Oxfordshire He has been working with the discipline of moving teeth for over 25 years and has completed over 8000 cases. He has developed his own unique system – Smart Brace which uses invisible aligners along with a fixed appliance. This works if a person has one jaw with more complex need than the other. We are extremely lucky to have him on our team and have many delighted patients who have had wonderful results.

Richard Tonks works alongside John Davey to provide a full Invisalign service at 41 South Bar. He has had an interest in Orthodontics for many years and is now delighted to be able to create fantastic smiles with the use of Invisalign.

Invisalign gives super results without anyone knowing that you are having Orthodontic treatment. No train tracks – just clear aligners that cannot be seen. Just remove them to eat and pop them back in when you have finished.

Best and quickest results are achieved if the aligners are worn for 20+ hours per day – don’t worry if that is not possible it will just take a little longer to complete.
A free consultation is available to get you on your way to a beautiful smile.

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Orthodontic treatments

Invisalign treatment - clear aligners

Whilst certain complex cases can only be treated satisfactorily with more standard procedures, an increasing number of problems can indeed now be treated by the continually evolving and advancing system that is Invisalign.

By careful case selection, planning and some highly advanced computer technology available at 41 South Bar, many previously impossible cases can now be treated to very high levels of quality using simple clear plastic ‘aligners’ over a period of one to two years, with no need for braces.

For further information on Invisalign see www.invisalign.com

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