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Bad Teeth and Genetics

Thursday, August 6th 2015 | by Pauline | Dentists Health

The concept of bad teeth is thrown around a lot, but what actually defines the term ‘bad’? In the dental industry, there are common definitions, such as uneven alignment causing a crooked smile and the most common problem of all, tooth decay. This is nothing we don’t already know so what are the actual reasons behind acquiring these conditions? Is there a link between bad teeth and genetics? Now that’s what we want to know!

Some say it’s down to genetics whereas others disagree and say it’s down to poor oral health, making this subject quite a controversial one. So the team at our private dentists in Banbury has made it their mission to reveal the genuine answers regarding where bad oral health originates.

Do bad teeth and genetics go hand in hand?

This is a question, as dentists, we hear all the time and the answer is both yes and no. To put it simply, shape and spacing wise, yes. Health wise, no. There’s no denying that the shape and structure of your teeth are hereditary and could include problems such as an overbite and the lucky gap between your two front teeth. On the other hand, tooth decay is due to the implications of sugar and a lack of TLC. This is actually much easier to fix compared to the elaborate pattern of your DNA.

Your teeth’s health is in your hands

To ensure your teeth’s health is of the highest standard, both before and after the dentist, you and only you can to do something about it. Brush, floss, use mouthwash and most importantly, exterminate those bad habits. We have listed a few of the most common habits we acquire so that you know what to avoid when taking care of your teeth.

Top 5 bad oral health habits

1.Brushing once a day, rather than the recommended twice a day

2.Drinking a lot of fizzy or acidic drinks, rather than water

3.Neglecting pain, even if your body is telling you not to

4.Not taking the time to floss, rather than flossing twice a day

5.Smoking cigarettes, rather than thinking about quitting for good

Does this sound familiar? Just one of these bad habits can alter your teeth dramatically. Not only will avoiding these issues improve your oral health but it may improve your overall health as well.

What You Can Do

The first steps to follow are the ones listed above. Next up, make sure you visit our dental team to arrange regular check-ups and ultimately fix any ‘bad’ teeth problems. To take control of your dental hygiene feel free to contact us for expert advice or to arrange a visit.




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