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How To Conquer Your Fear of the Dentist

Thursday, April 12th 2018 | by 41 Southbar | Advice

It’s no secret, a fair amount of society think we’re scary. The NHS has claimed that one if four dread a visit to the dentists, some to such an extent where they won’t go for years. The result? Their teeth’s demise; a lessened smile and wounded confidence. This is a situation simply no one wants. Not visiting the dentist out of fear is an avoidable situation, especially when your local is this Banbury dentist; the best dental service in Banbury.

We want your smile to gleam; to dazzle; to charm, and to do that, we need your full cooperation. And if your fear of the dentist is stifling that very cooperation, then well we’re just going to have to solve that, aren’t we?

Here at 41SB, Banbury dentist, we’re not scary. Not at all. We’re going to try and solve your woes by illustrating to you exactly how to get over your fears – exploring the common fears people have.

Go Early, You’ll Have Less Time to Worry

If you’re crippled by an unfounded fear, then perhaps the best thing for you to do is give yourself less time to worry. Say you have a dentist appointment at 4pm, you got a good 8 hours to obsess over something which doesn’t require much thought from you, the patient. Switch that appointment to 10 AM, however, well then you’re laughing. It’s simple. You’ll invariably still worry a little, but the fear won’t have time to culture and it’ll be one you can easily conquer.

Start Small

If the magnitude of the procedure is the thought that’s really adding fuel to the fire that is your trepidation, start smaller and then build. As they say, Rome wasn’t built in a day. Similarly, your fear won’t be conquered in such a time, either. If you need a root canal surgery, why not simply visit this Banbury dentist a few times for teeth cleanings, build a rapport, and then have the canal surgery. Simple.

Bring Your Own Music

The reason people find listening to their own music relaxing is a question with a couple of answers. Firstly, listening to music that you love is a fun thing to do at all times and can ease qualms of yours. Secondly, it means you are in control of something happening, which has a tremendous impact on people staying calm. And of course, this is something we’re comfortable with, as we said earlier, all we want if your teeth to be as healthy as they can possibly be.

Make Us Aware

As aforementioned, one in four British people has anxieties when it comes to visiting the dentist. Us changing our methods to accommodate is not foreign to us whatsoever. We recommend you do speak to us if your fears are deep ridden. We can change our methods to make them somewhat less invasive and perhaps simply talking about your fear will put you at ease, even allocating a hand gesture for you to use if you need a break.

Bring Your Friend

A fair amount of people either bring one of their friends or a family member. They can check up on you throughout, which we’ve found has made people calm in the past. So we implore it, as if it needed to be mentioned again, but all we want is the people of Banbury to have the best smile they can possibly have.

41 South Bar | Banbury Dentist


Fear of the dentist is something we aim to expunge from society, starting with you! We can help. Dentists aren’t scary as they used to be and the technology is a lot nice now too. Of course, if we didn’t help solve your fear give us a ring and perhaps we can talk you through it.

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