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Great teeth at any age

Tuesday, July 21st 2015 | by 41 Southbar | Dentists

Dentistry has changed so much in recent years that we can offer so many choices for everyone, from children to grandparents.

Not so many years ago it was expected that we would lose our teeth by the time we had retired so dentures were the only option left to us. Also, there was a very limited choice of materials used and the type of teeth available so that it was obvious that you were wearing a denture.

How things have changed

The expectation nowadays is that we look after our teeth and gums and keep our teeth. Dentist treatments on offer now are much more likely to be restorative and cosmetic to keep our smiles attractive. White coloured fillings now are used instead of the silver fillings, which were used routinely, making it obvious that the teeth had been filled.

Broken down teeth can be restored with crowns. Quality porcelain crowns can be made from a white base to create a tooth looking as natural in appearance as your original tooth.

There are many different materials available to construct dentures. They can now be made so that they can be stronger or more flexible for your comfort

Popular dentist treatments

It is possible to have Implants placed so that there is the security of a denture not moving. By using only 2 implants a denture can become extremely stable. Many people now prefer the non-denture option. Dental implants can be used for single or multiple spaces or indeed for having no teeth at all.

Tooth whitening is very popular now to give your teeth a natural brightness. This does not have to result in the bright white smiles that some of the celebrities favours, but it can be used to give your smile a lift.

Nowadays few things are impossible whatever your age – Orthodontics can and is done for the over 70’s. Just remember your smile if for a lifetime – and it is the first thing that people see about you – look after it.

Dr Tom Donnelly is at 41 South Bar, Banbury and he and his team can offer all these treatments.




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