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Is Vaping Bad for Your Teeth? Your Banbury Dentist Reveals All

Tuesday, October 1st 2019 | by 41 Southbar | Advice Health News

It is common knowledge that smoking affects the appearance of your teeth and your overall oral health, but does vaping have a detrimental effect too? Here, we will assess the issue and outline any indicators that may suggest you want to consult your Banbury dentist. 

There is a multitude of things that we have to guard against when preserving our oral health and, as we know, keeping our teeth, gums and mouth healthy is intrinsically linked to our overall well being. Whether you vape or not, take a look at our three comprehensive dental care plans to ensure you stay on top of your oral health. 

Analysing Vaping with your Banbury Dentist 

The first thing to distinguish is that vaping doesn’t involve tar and, usually, not as much nicotine. Therefore, most see it as far less likely to generate the build up of harmful bacteria, which can instigate tooth loss and gum disease. Yes, it is true that cigarette smoke will affect your teeth and that vaping involves less toxins, but it is also true that excessive vaping will also have an impact. As established Banbury dentists, we feel obliged to share our knowledge of just how much of a toll vaping can have on our patients’ oral wellbeing. 

The Harmful Elements Found in Vape Smoke 

Propylene glycol is commonly found in vaping devices, as well as food processing, due to its capability to mix with flavouring ingredients. This liquid alcohol can lead to dry mouth and, upon turning into a chronic case, can generate cavities. When teeth are exposed to vaping aerosol, they carry four times more bacteria than teeth that have not; this is because the aerosol contains a mix of vegetable glycerin and flavourings. It is also still unclear how damaging carcinogens such as formaldehyde and heavy metals (nickel and mercury, for example), are when they are inhaled. 

vaping dentist in banbury

The Rising Popularity of Vaping 

The UK now has the third biggest vape market, behind the US and Japan. Between the course of 2012 and 2017, the total number of vapers in the UK increased by 314% as 700,000 users soared to 2.9 million. These 2019 figures, as reported by Chemist 4 U, confirm the growth of the number of people switching to vaping or opting to vape alongside smoking cigarettes. 

While research is still ongoing into the effects of vaping on oral health, what the professionals at our dentist in Banbury can report for sure is that they do contain harmful elements. Excessive vaping can lead to serious erosion of your teeth and the formation of cavities, which is likely to require general dentistry treatments and, potentially, emergency appointments. 

Detecting the Effects of Vaping – Your Banbury Dentist

Noticing oral health issues early on is important to help stop them from spreading to other areas and causing further problems/discomfort. Contact us to discuss this issue in further detail or to arrange a routine appointment to assess the effects of vaping on your oral health. We look forward to welcoming you to our Banbury dental surgery soon and bringing you more industry-focused news on the most relevant subject matters. 




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