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Look The Way You Want This Summer

Monday, March 19th 2018 | by 41 Southbar | Advice

Right now’s a good moment, isn’t it? The clocks, they’ve been a source of disappointment for months now. You glance at them, 5 PM and it’s dark. Alas, that’s the past and now we are onto the spring and summer; the good times.

Why’s the summer better? Well, there’s the sun for one; vitamin D can’t go amiss. Summer pints, they sure are good, aren’t they? Holidays too, they’re some people’s favourite occasion of the year! For the alternative sort, that’s festivals. No matter what your favourite part of summer is, you’re going to want to look good. Which is where we, your favourite Banbury Dentist, come in.

41 South Bar, Banbury Dentist

We’re invested in making the people of Banbury and the surrounding areas look how they want. Whether this simply is a teeth cleaning process or perhaps it’s something more drastic, like Invisalign for example. However, mouths aren’t our only speciality; we offer facial cosmetics too.

Do you look the way you’d like to this summer? If yes, that’s amazing. Perhaps get in contact with us for your next dental appointment, but other than that we hope you have the best summer you’ve ever had! If no? No worries at all, we got you covered here are some things you can get done with us to make sure you look your best this summer.

Lip Fillers

Remember the Kylie Jenner lips challenge? People all over the world, each individual pining after the sort of lips that rake in millions of likes on Instagram, took the internet’s advice (how silly) and put their lips into bottles and sucked. Aggravating the lips, they became swollen. It was a strange fad, but it did illustrate how much of a want there is for big lips. Something we can give you without the help of any bottles.

Here at 41 South Bar, we offer a stellar lip-filling service. We will ensure your total comfort as we assist in giving you the lips you so desire, ultimately making you happier as a person.


Lip Filling, Banbury Dentist

Cheek Enhancements

We lose the definition in our face as grow older. That’s a fact, yes, but it’s also something we can change. We can enable to achieve the definition you once wore so proudly. People who have used us in the past for this couldn’t be happier with the results

“I love my new cheekbones. Knew they were still there – I feel a million times better with myself.”

We love this specific review because it illustrates exactly what we want to achieve: making people happier in their skin again.

Forehead, Glabella, and Crow’s Feet

These lines, either there due to age or skin mistreatment, are one of life’s most niggling annoyances. They can make you feel past your prime and unenthusiastic. We think it’s time we eradicate them. In Banbury, at least. The way to do this is botox.

People are often scared of using botox; they fear it will make them look lifeless and… well, bored. Whilst the fear is most certainly well placed – we dread to think how angry you would be getting a botched job – with us that’s never going to be the case. We’re going to ace the job and you’re going to look great, on the beach, at a festival, or even just in a pub garden.

This Summer’s Yours

We can’t wait for the summer and we’re sure neither can you. We want you to look your best and once again we bet you want that too. Any of the above something you may be interested in? If so, give us a call and we’ll get you booked in! If it isn’t, why not use us for your next dental appointment.




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