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New Year, New Us – This Banbury Dentist Has A New Site!

Thursday, February 1st 2018 | by 41 Southbar | Banbury Industry News

Did you have a good Christmas? We had a great one! 2017 served us well as a team.

Our New Website


We’re rolling into 2018 with a brand new website. They say as you enter the new year, you should make some promises to better yourself; we haven’t just made a promise, we’ve pulled the trigger on a new one. We have a brand spanking new internet home!

When they have a new site companies usually have aims and targets, but hold their cards close to their chests themselves. Not this Banbury dentist, we’re going to tell you exactly our aims with this new site, as we don’t like secrets. Especially with our clients!

Quicken the process

We admit it, our old website wasn’t the best. Our main qualm with the site wasn’t that it didn’t look great, it was that the process of you – our clients – finding the services they need wasn’t quick enough. With this site we have streamlined that. You can now find a service within seconds and all the information to boot.

This Banbury dentist is all into aesthetics

As dentists, cosmetic treatment suppliers, and orthodontics, we know aesthetics. It’s our career. And our website just wasn’t making the cut. That’s why we’ve made this one.

We think it looks great, it feels great, and well– is great. And as said before, we know all about aesthetics. We think this website looks as good as the pink building we inhabit!

Catch up with modern times

Times are moving fast at the moment. In the early 2000s, a good website was an afterthought. In the mid-to-late noughties, a good website was somewhat important to your success, but you could still swing it if you didn’t have one. Now, in 2017 a good website is absolutely pivotal to running a successful business. So we got one.

You can now seamlessly look at all our services and book an appointment within minutes. A service we’re ecstatic to bring to you.

2018, You’re Ours – 41 South Bar, Banbury Dentistry


With this website and our replenished spirits, we can safely say 2018 is ours. We’re now able to help more people than ever in Banbury, which is our ultimate goal; furthering the people of Banbury’s lives, one tooth at a time. 41 South Bar, the home of Banbury dentist and dentist of the year, Tom Donnelly.

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