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Why Our Teeth Whitening Is The Best | Teeth Whitening Banbury

Tuesday, June 19th 2018 | by 41 Southbar | Banbury News

Teeth whitening is growing in popularity; it has been said one in four Brits now would like to have their teeth whitened. What once was considered rare, is now becoming commonplace. We think this is great, mostly because we’re big fans of beautifully white smiles. There are, however, many negative elements to this surge. Like, for example, the rise of pirate providers. People who are in no way qualified are offering teeth whitening services. Our most salient advice is to avoid these and opt for our service. It’s much safer and better. Here’s why:

Pirate Providers Are Unqualified and Might Be Damaging Your Teeth

The BBC released a story not too long ago documenting the rise of unlicensed teeth whitening providers. Mostly provided by beauticians, not only was the treatment they providing not quality work, a lot of them were using bleach levels way above what’s legal. As result, people were left in copious amounts of pain.

Here at 41 South Bar, we’re licensed and educated. We give the best quality treatment each and every time, that’s why we know as the best teeth whitening Banbury service.

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We’re Friendly and Respected

Not only are our services respected, our team are as individuals, too. We’ve served Banbury for years now and we’re here to stay. People often write to us detailing what admirers they are. You can have a look at our testimonial page if you’d like to read any of those write-ups. This respected service is what will make your smile look great.

We’ll, with our teeth whitening Banbury service, get that smile as gleaming as it can be. And you’ll be comfortable throughout, as that’s what we think is most important.

We Make People Proud of Their Smile

Our head dentist, Dr. Tom Donnelly, won dentist of the year in 2016. The reason for that was simple: us and he make people proud of their smile. Through expert dentistry, we transform smiles and make people an as confident version of themselves they can be. That’s exactly what we can do for you with the best teeth whitening Banbury service available to you.

We’ll, if you so desire, turn those teeth of yours the colour of the very clouds in the sky.

With Us, It’s Simple

You don’t have to worry with us. We won’t make your teeth too white. We won’t make them not white enough, either. Your trays will be perfectly fitted and you’ll have the exact smile you want soon.

41 South Bar | Teeth Whitening Banbury

We provide the best teeth whitening service in Banbury. As said, we quite simply transform smiles and make you as comfortable as possible throughout. You don’t have to worry about incorrect dosage with us. All you have to worry about is who you’d like to impress with your new smile after your treatment is finished. Any questions about our service, give us a call.




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