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Teeth Whitening in Banbury – Be Ready for Christmas

Monday, December 2nd 2019 | by Billy Rooney | Advice Teeth Whitening

At 41 South Bar, we love getting into the Christmas spirit nice and early. As the excitement around the festive season builds, we look ahead to those exciting key dates over Christmas, filled with delicious food, the opening of presents and socialising with some of your favourite people. Our teeth whitening in Banbury will give you a radiant, healthy glow this Christmas, just in time for the celebrations.

Banbury Teeth Whitening at Christmas

If you would like glistening teeth this Christmas that puts the confidence back in your smile, book an appointment to see our Banbury teeth whitening experts today. Our teeth whitening treatment provides patients with a smile that they love and trust while ensuring that the results do not look unnatural. 

With so many opportunities to socialise and see loved ones over the Christmas break, there will be plenty of chances to show off the lovely new whiteness of your teeth. We guarantee that you’ll have one of the nicest smiles in the room this Christmas following teeth whitening at our dental practice. 

Maintaining The Effects of Teeth Whitening in Banbury

To ensure you get the full benefits of our Banbury teeth whitening treatment over Christmas and that the effects are enjoyed well into 2020, there are certain things that you should consider doing. Maintain your oral health and the appearance of your teeth by:

  1. Starting off with something that goes without saying, really – Brush your teeth at least twice a day. Also, consider using a timer so that you know you are brushing for the right amount of time.
  2. Attend regular checkups and stay on top of your oral health with routine trips to see our highly esteemed dental hygienists. Choosing one over the other is not advised by our professional dentists in Oxfordshire, as their roles differ. Head to private dentistry in Banbury for more on other treatments. 
  3. Floss at least once a day.


Give Teeth Whitening as a Gift


teeth whitening as gift

Perhaps you wish to give a loved one an early Christmas present this year, so that they can enjoy the benefits of our Banbury teeth whitening treatment throughout the festive period? Make this treatment one of the most beneficial Christmas presents that you give this year and see their face light up upon receiving it! 

Even if you intend the gift of teeth whitening to be revealed on the big day itself, the recipient will be able to enjoy the benefits of the treatment well into the New Year. The gift of teeth whitening at Christmas could see them start 2020 in the right manner with regards to looking after their teeth and staying on top of their oral wellbeing. We are flexible as to when they can start their treatment, but do make sure you book your appointment beforehand!.

Merry Christmas from Everyone At 41 South Bar 

Contact us if you would like to book an appointment to see a teeth whitening specialist at 41 South Bar. The sooner you come and see us for the initial appointment, the sooner you will have your perfect smile for Christmas and the New Year! 

From everyone at our Banbury dental surgery, we hope you have a wonderful festive period and enjoy all the delights that it brings. Our team look forward to providing you with excellent dental care in Oxfordshire in 2020. Check out our dental care plans and ensure you stay on top of your oral hygiene with the help of our professional, in the New Year.




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