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10 Unusual Uses for Toothpaste

Friday, November 15th 2019 | by 41 Southbar | Advice

We all use toothpaste two or three times a day (or at least we should!) to keep on top of our oral health and maintain the healthy appearance of our teeth. That’s the memo that the dental professionals at our Banbury dental surgery sure hope that their patients abide by. Many of us may not know, however, that toothpaste can be useful in a variety of weird and wonderful ways. 

Prioritise Oral Health with your Banbury Dental Surgery 

Sure, brushing and flossing sufficiently day-to-day will ensure that your oral wellbeing is preserved to a certain degree, but it is always good practice to come and see a leading Banbury dentist at 41 South Bar for regular checkups and general dentistry treatments. We are able to swiftly identify any weak areas in your oral wellbeing and advise on the most appropriate course of action. 

The dental experts at our Banbury dental surgery recommend that you use your toothpaste for oral health and tooth whitening purposes but, in the interest of your curiosity, we’ve examined 10 slightly bizarre ways in which toothpaste can be used. 

Two Medical Uses of Toothpaste

Toothpaste on Toothbrush

Each highly-qualified Banbury dentist that works at our practice are able to diagnose all manner of dental issues, there is not much that they haven’t come across with patients in the chair! It is not common for them to suggest the following medical uses of toothpaste though!

Lessen the Prominence of Bruises

This use may be appropriate if you have a visible bruise that you don’t particularly want people to be seeing. Mixing toothpaste with any type of skin cream and applying it to the bruised part of your body, can reduce the appearance of the bruise. Just be sure to cover the bruise up with something after applying the mixture. The process can be repeated daily for greater results.

Clear Spots

This is most probably something you have heard of in the past. If you have an outbreak of spots, it can be beneficial to apply a little bit of toothpaste before you go to bed and remove it in the morning. This can dry your spots out and speed up the process of reducing their size. 

Four Domestic Cleaning uses

domestic cleaning supplies

Notice that your usually daily health routine and toothpaste isn’t getting your teeth as gleaming as you would like? Our team are here to provide teeth whitening Banbury and guarantee that you’ll leave our practice with your teeth looking as white as you imagined!

Similarly, if areas of your home are not coming up as clean as you’d wish, consider using toothpaste for the following:

Removing Stains from the Carpet

How frustrating is a stain on your lovely carpet that just won’t go away? You may use all sorts of chemicals and liquids to try and clear it up but might not have considered toothpaste, until now. Applying toothpaste directly to the stain on the carpet or other soft furnishings, before scrubbing with a firm brush, has been known to do the trick. Especially useful on grass or mud stains and makeup stains.

Shining Your Jewellery for a Big Occasion

Cleaning your jewellery up doesn’t have to be expensive and doesn’t have to be done by professionals. Give your silver jewellery that extra bit of shine by cleaning them with toothpaste. Apply toothpaste, leave your jewellery overnight and give it a wipe in the morning – reveal the sparkle. We can’t guarantee that the results will be as good as our teeth whitening Banbury treatment, but it’s certainly worth a try.

Improving the Efficiency of Hair Straighteners

After having your trusty hair straighteners for some time, you’ll notice that they develop an unwanted coating on the plates as shampoo, moose, hair spray and other hair related products take their toll. To remove this grime, simply ease it off the plates with the use of a toothpaste with high silica gel contents. 

Restoring Old Shoes

Do you have a worse for wear, pair of leather shoes or trainers? Consider using toothpaste as a cleaning agent to get them shining again. Applying the toothpaste to the most exhausted spots before scrubbing with an old toothbrush will soon have your shoes up and running.

Finally, Four Miscellaneous Uses

chewing gum

Remove Chewing Gum!

It sounds strange, no doubt, but hear us out. With toothpaste being made to eliminate a certain level of sugar content, it can speed up the process of totally removing chewing gum from hair, clothes etc. It is a messy job, but a little trick that is absolutely worth it. Simply apply some toothpaste over the affected areas. Also, remember, chewing gum is no tooth whitening method and can be harmful to your oral health.

Removing Minor Scuffs & Scratches

Applying some toothpaste onto phone screens and car headlights, for example, that are rife with faint scratches or scuffs will improve their appearance. Simply apply the toothpaste lightly, wash off with a damp cloth and leave to dry.

Sticking Up Posters

Toothpaste can be surprisingly useful if you want to stick things to walls. Give it a go by placing a little bit on each corner of a poster, as well as a little bit on parts of the edges, and see it grip to the wall! Give toothpaste a go as a useful adhesive today. 

Keeping Hair in Place 

If you are scrambling to get your look perfected before having to make a dash to the door, consider the use of toothpaste. Those two or three hairs that are out of place can be tied down with the application of a little gel toothpaste.

Achieve Perfect Oral Wellbeing with Your Banbury Dentist

We hope that you have enjoyed learning about some of the unusual ways in which toothpaste can be effective in everyday situations. Let us know if one of the ways works for you! While a 41 South Bar Banbury dentist would love to hear your success story with toothpaste, they would much rather ensure you’re using your toothpaste to keep on top of your oral health!

Contact us today to book an appointment at our Banbury dental surgery.




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